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All Knowledge is found on LJ, I hope

This is a little bit embarrassing, but given that All Knowledge is found on-line--albeit not, apparently, with my google-fu--I'm asking for help.

Some time ago (I'm sorry - I think it was late '90s or early 00s) I wrote an SF story called "Fat Girl". I wrote it for an entirely .pdf ezine, whose name, I'm really sorry to say, now escapes me -- it was called either Oceans of Night or Oceans of Light or even Oceans of Space - i.e. Oceans was in the title.

(Do not try to google on Fat Girl, Fat Girl Michelle Sagara, Fat Girl ezine Sagara.)

I would like to reprint the story, but I'd also like to credit the original editor who bought it - and, well.

No, I don't have a copy of the ezine. Yes, it was emailed to me. I think I lost it in the great head-crash. I have the submission file, but not the finished work.

So…does anyone remember an entirely SF ezine that might fit this description, and possibly a person to go with it?


Jun. 29th, 2011 01:26 am (UTC)
And the funny thing is that I found the YBSF, Gardner does list the story by name in the honorable mentions, and lists it as part of Oceans of the Mind volume VI, which would make sense, as that's the Canadian issue. But... it's not in the archives, and it's not on the LOCUS list of contents, either. Oh well :). The Gardner thing gives me a date, you've given me a publication, and that's pretty much what I wanted.

Thank you!