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All Knowledge is found on LJ, I hope

This is a little bit embarrassing, but given that All Knowledge is found on-line--albeit not, apparently, with my google-fu--I'm asking for help.

Some time ago (I'm sorry - I think it was late '90s or early 00s) I wrote an SF story called "Fat Girl". I wrote it for an entirely .pdf ezine, whose name, I'm really sorry to say, now escapes me -- it was called either Oceans of Night or Oceans of Light or even Oceans of Space - i.e. Oceans was in the title.

(Do not try to google on Fat Girl, Fat Girl Michelle Sagara, Fat Girl ezine Sagara.)

I would like to reprint the story, but I'd also like to credit the original editor who bought it - and, well.

No, I don't have a copy of the ezine. Yes, it was emailed to me. I think I lost it in the great head-crash. I have the submission file, but not the finished work.

So…does anyone remember an entirely SF ezine that might fit this description, and possibly a person to go with it?


Jun. 28th, 2011 11:48 pm (UTC)
No idea personally, but did you ask on an open thread at Making Light?