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I have spent the last two days trying, off and on, to record myself reading, because I had this totally stupid idea that I would make an .mp3 of it and put it on my web-site.

What I have discovered--or rediscovered as the case may be--is that I cannot stand the sound of my recorded voice. I've tried reading first chapters and the beginnings of short stories, and all I can say is I have profound gratitude for the people who like my writing--or me--enough to sit through an hour of me reading out loud.

And now, writing looks like it will be so much less of a disaster, and holding that thought, I'm going to write.


Sep. 30th, 2010 06:09 am (UTC)
I am saved from that because I don't have a reasonable camera -- but I'm not sure it would be better. I drive myself nuts in video footage (that other people have taken) because when I watch it, I realize I never stand still. I speak with my hands; I look like I'm flailing.

And yes--I sound much more nasal and much thinner-voiced in a recording than I think I sound normally.