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Because this is traveling across my f-list:

I've been using the crosspost to FB feature for a while now. What it posts: a link in my status updates to my main entry, whenever I make one. I'm not sure there's a huge crossover between the two, and as an author, all my posts are public. It's a way of pointing people to things I've written that they might not otherwise see.

I will probably also post a similar link to Twitter, because as a reader I find the links useful when other LJ users post them -- catvalente or jimhines for instance. I also check blog posts in the same way. I probably wouldn't find them as helpful if people were posting twenty-six times a day, but most people don't.

I understand why other people do lock posts. I respect that decision completely.

I will therefore not link comments I make in the threads of any other LJ to either my FB or Twitter. Also? A comment without any context seems sort of pointless, to me. I don't particularly mind if anyone who is reading or posting here posts links to their comments in either their FB or Twitter, because again, I don't lock posts. LJ and my website are the public faces of an author at work (or play or ranting); they're not meant to be private.