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Writing meme

About the writing meme that's going around:

Chapter one of Skirmish: Douglas Adams
Chapter two of Skirmish: Stephen King
Chapter three of Skrimish: H.P. Lovecraft.
Chapter four of Skirmish: Raymond Chandler

All four chapters: Douglas Adams (the chapters run about 10k words each)

Chapter one of Cast in Ruin: Ray Bradbury
Chapter two of Cast in Ruin: Johathan Swift (sic)
Chapter three of Cast in Ruin: Douglas Adams
Chapter four of Cast in Ruin: Dan Brown

All four chapters: Ray Bradbury (the chapters run around 5k words each)

… but smaller sample sizes (a few paragraphs) tend to all be Dan Brown, with one Stephen King.


Jul. 14th, 2010 09:13 pm (UTC)
Yes -- and the geek in me now wants to run through different iterations of the same book, with additional words at the end, to see how much it skews. And shorter sentences from the authors in the quiz (Lovecraft) to see if they're in the database.

I wanted to be Jim HInes :D