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Writing meme

About the writing meme that's going around:

Chapter one of Skirmish: Douglas Adams
Chapter two of Skirmish: Stephen King
Chapter three of Skrimish: H.P. Lovecraft.
Chapter four of Skirmish: Raymond Chandler

All four chapters: Douglas Adams (the chapters run about 10k words each)

Chapter one of Cast in Ruin: Ray Bradbury
Chapter two of Cast in Ruin: Johathan Swift (sic)
Chapter three of Cast in Ruin: Douglas Adams
Chapter four of Cast in Ruin: Dan Brown

All four chapters: Ray Bradbury (the chapters run around 5k words each)

… but smaller sample sizes (a few paragraphs) tend to all be Dan Brown, with one Stephen King.


Jul. 14th, 2010 02:45 pm (UTC)
I'm wondering how much analysis it actually does - particularly since different segments of the same work produce wildly different results.

Might be time to see if we can break it . . .