Michelle (msagara) wrote,

Well, I survived

I did not delete Chapter One of all my older novels. Although by the time I was into the newer novels, I'd reached that point of frustrated editing mode in which the new ones weren't entirely safe, either. I'm hoping to be able to post a chapter of Cast in Silence sometime soon, as a sort of teaser. I unfortunately asked about Cast in Chaos because I tend to use the title of whatever I'm working on now as the "current" new book.

The website is here, and I'm now, once again, asking about possible short stories to put up on the site here.

Several helpful people have pointed out the ways in which my own web-perusals are not necessarily the norm, so I'm taking suggestions for short pieces--for download--that might actually give some sense of my over-all writing. Because I'm on the inside of the story and can't honestly objectively tell. So please feel free to wander over and leave a comment or suggestion. Or, you know, put one here.
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