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The perils of preparing web-downloads

I am attempting, for the third time in my life, to have slightly more useful information and stuff available on my very under-utilized web-space.

Some of this involves putting up first chapters of various published novels on-line for download or .html perusal. But...the only file formats I have for these chapters are the ones they were submitted in. So I'm opening up what was a working file, and I'm reading it and trying to make sure that it more or less matches the later line-edited, copy-edited published version.

And because I'm doing this, I'm looking at sentences that I wrote fifteen years ago...and I'm trying, desperately, not to revise those sentences now. Or some of the paragraphs. Normally, when looking at a book, I don't have this impulse (I may, on the other hand, have the usual despairing but I could do this so much better now ones, but those are natural, I think, for anyone who is looking at work that is fifteen years old). But since I'm looking at a file...

An intervention may be required.


May. 11th, 2009 01:36 am (UTC)
The last thing you need is to try to start writing another project; especially if it's one you've already finished :p

LOL! Yes, this is what I've been telling myself. Or, more pertinent, I've been telling myself "self, this is not an alternate-universe first chapter of the book. It is the first chapter of a book that exists in this universe."

... but then I think... I could just take out this one sentence, and this stupid word, and maybe just add one thing right here, and it wouldn't really change very much, and no one would notice...

Rob Sawyer, even for his first novel, tracked all changes and kept an up-to-date electronic copy of all changes made at any stage prior to publication. So, line-edits, copy-edits he agreed with, etc.

Which is proof that Rob Sawyer is much, much Smarter Than Me...