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Cast in Silence Cover, attempt one

I have been so absent lately I can almost hear crickets, and I've been dusting cobwebs off my hands and feet while I try to make a bit of space in the Michelle-clutter.

I finally have a scan of the actual cover flat for Cast in Silence which is an August 2009 release. I really like it.

It's in theory behind the cut:

The surface itself is a matte; the words are gloss. The overall cover is darker than it appears (on my computer), but the central image is blue and gold, and while the colours are darker, they're richer than they appear here (again, on my computer).

The book is finished.

Sadly, House Name is not finished. A small author-is-not-very-clever misunderstanding about the conversion of MS Word wordcounts to page run-off counts means that the book I thought was a bit on the long side, while unfinished, was, ummm, very very very much on the long side. I haven't taken much of a break from writing; I just haven't reached the magical "the end" words. This reminds me a bit of writing the planned two volumes which comprised The Sun Sword. Which, of course, is six volumes.

So... I'm still working on that. I have also started the tentatively titled Cast in Chaos, which is the first of the three new Cast novels I just sold Luna. It is the book I affectionately refer to as the Refugee Book. This won't hopefully be as dark--to me--as Silence.

*edited because a good friend pointed out that 'mat' and 'matte' are not the same word.


Mar. 27th, 2009 10:04 am (UTC)
That is a beautiful cover.
I am coming to the conclusion that no book is ever finished. It's just that some of them set.
Mar. 28th, 2009 06:58 pm (UTC)
I am coming to the conclusion that no book is ever finished. It's just that some of them set.

Yes, I think so -- if it weren't for deadlines, I could continue pretty much forever. Part of the problem that I have is that so many things that I feel brings a story to life (for me, I hastily add, as the person who is writing that particular story) are often elements that aren't directly plot-based; you could delete or lose them and readers could still follow the basic story.

But delete enough of them, and what you have is an outline. I probably don't delete enough of them, though.