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I've discovered one unfortunate thing about writing, or attempting to write, two novels concurrently. I'm incapable of writing anything else. I finish writing for the day, and any creativity, any wit, and most of my outrage (okay that last might be a bit of an overstatement), has evaporated, leaving me strangely silent. This would be why I have been absent; I stare at the screen and cannot think of one interesting thing to say.

But! .

Cast in Fury made the extended NYT trade paperback fiction list for the 19th of October. My editor emailed me with the news on Thursday. I work at the store on Friday, and when I got home from work, I discovered these:

Sent by my editor and Tracey Langmiur, from Luna, to help celebrate this fact. They are really very nice, in that picture-doesn't-do-them-justice way.


Oct. 12th, 2008 08:03 pm (UTC)
Thought I'd let you know that Amazon.co.uk underestimated demand for Cast in Fury. I preordered from them for the book release due in the UK on 3 October but was told on 2 October that they'd be unable to fulfill my order until 31 October to 15 November (presume that's when the next print run is expected).

Something like that seemed to have happened with Amazon.com, as well -- they seemed to move the date of ship to December, but moved it back again around release time.