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So, we are trying to make room for things in the West household. This involves getting rid of rather a lot of other things. I was downstairs making dinner and my husband was upstairs, inspecting the bookshelves (there are bookshelves in all of the rooms of the house except the kitchen).

He just came downstairs, and asked if I needed the Japanese language Kenshin (I don't, although I told him to hold on to the French versions until the kids are done with French in school). Then he asked about one or two others (all not needed) and last:

"What about the other Japanese ones?"

"Which ones?"

"The ones with the short, obnoxious girl."


May. 5th, 2008 07:00 pm (UTC)
Hotohori, Nuriko, and Tasuki were indeed my favorites. :0 Argh, I hated it in one of the OAVs where he was going to rape her, though (even if it turned out to not be his fault). I was like, TASUKIII. NO.

I remember reading a note Watase had written at the back of one of her manga (I forget which). She said she'd gone to a convention, and everyone was like, "Tamahome x Tasuki!" and she was like, "Yeah!" And then she said that inside she was really going, "Tamahome x Nakago!" and didn't want to say it for fear of the response she'd get.

XD Man, she loves Nakago.

You know who creeped me out? Especially with his laugh. Tomo! @__@;; And why did all the Seiyru boys get to be so pretty, yet, like, half of the opposing team there was either creepy/hideous. (I was in love with Suboshi, though, for a bit. :D;; THE TRAGIC TWIN. I wanted him and Yui to get together, ahahaha, talk about a toxic relationship).

OMG. Sorry about the FY ramble. XD