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Baby Squee!

Cory Doctorow and his wife, Alice, came by with their baby-of-many-names and I got to hold the baby! :D :D :D. (And tell his wife the anecdote about body piercings.) I had to finish line-edits/copy-edits and get them in the mail first thing this morning so that they will be in NY on Monday, which is when they're due, so I missed his book launch at the Merril Collection. But! Baby! Squee!

The baby is three months old and she is absolutely adorable and not in the slightest as hyper as Cory. While it can be argued that it's a fate he deserves, Alice seems perfectly reasonable and calm, and doesn't :D.

Okay. Words now.

ETA: The whole store's collective brain and general competence goes south when small children cross the threshold in strollers or the arms of their parents. It's not just me. Honest.


May. 4th, 2008 04:45 am (UTC)

I'm totally, utterly jealous. I've seen pictures, and she's so very cute.