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Quick note: Sundered Book 2 reprint

Because I've been getting email about the second of the BenBella Sundered books (which had gone out of print), I (finally, and I am very sorry for being so absent-minded) remembered to ask Glen Yeffeth of BenBella if there was going to be a reprint of Children of the Blood, and the relevant part of his reply is:

We have reprinted Children of the Blood so it's now available. It hasn't hit
amazon yet but should soon or people can order it from us.

So hopefully there will be no more 100.00 used copies of that book as the only option on amazon.


Mar. 11th, 2008 03:33 am (UTC)
well no problem- the marketing guy is going to send me new copies, yay! And hopefully now that I emailed him they will be more careful when sending books out. Now I just have to get book #3 from my brother so I can read it!!!