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Please die horribly and also quickly.

ETA: After cleaning out one hundred and fifty bounces, with no doubt more to come, I will settle for horribly.


Feb. 21st, 2008 05:50 pm (UTC)
My first point would be that bouncing spam to the 'From' address has approximately zero chance of ever reaching either the immediate sender or the spammer responsible for the junk -- who, these days, is usually someone else entirely. So, since the value of those automated bounces is always negative, start the improvement by simply not doing it.

I will say that when I was emailing a friend at cern, 1 in 3 emails would get bounced back - to me - as spam. I'm not entirely sure why they were bounced, so I'd reword everything and try it again. I think he's the only case in which I was aware that my non-spam mail was being bounced. It's possible that there are other bounces which are put in the middle ground that I don't see (sff.net has a very heavy spam filter, but also a "junk" folder which you can check. I forget to check, sometimes, and one of the bounces was a small press publisher).

But... it's a one time occurrence that I'm aware of, and I'm not entirely sure that the cleaning out bounces from the latest sending is worth the auto-bounce, rather than the auto-delete =/.

Sorry for the soapbox, but this has been a minor specialty of mine for a long time. And you asked. :-)

I live with a programmer, and my house frequently contains a programmer/mathematician, so I didn't even notice the soapbox. Are you sure it was there?