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I have a hardcover!

... and one of these days, I will have a digital camera. Even if I'm allergic to cameras.

But I have author's copies of Hidden City in my hall. I have stubbed my toes 4 times on the boxes, which is proof that they're real, the other proof being papercuts. Don't ask.

I expected them to come much later, because they're shipped from Penguin Canada now (for Canadian authors, which does save money), but I think they're shipped directly to the warehouse which just does a straight passthrough.

But it doesn't matter why they're here early -- and I am staring at the book sitting beside my computer like an adolescent in the first throes of love.

ETA: No, I am not actually reading any of it, because it hasn't been long enough since I looked at the galleys. I'm just ... staring at Jody's art & the overall design.


Feb. 20th, 2008 06:40 pm (UTC)
Ooo. Ahhh. I wants it. I needs it. I must get to the store.

Not yet -- it's not there yet. It's a March title, and the copies I have are author copies, which seem to be shipping from the warehouse at the same time as the review/promotional copies. But soon :)