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I have a hardcover!

... and one of these days, I will have a digital camera. Even if I'm allergic to cameras.

But I have author's copies of Hidden City in my hall. I have stubbed my toes 4 times on the boxes, which is proof that they're real, the other proof being papercuts. Don't ask.

I expected them to come much later, because they're shipped from Penguin Canada now (for Canadian authors, which does save money), but I think they're shipped directly to the warehouse which just does a straight passthrough.

But it doesn't matter why they're here early -- and I am staring at the book sitting beside my computer like an adolescent in the first throes of love.

ETA: No, I am not actually reading any of it, because it hasn't been long enough since I looked at the galleys. I'm just ... staring at Jody's art & the overall design.


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Feb. 20th, 2008 04:26 am (UTC)
Congratulations! Yay!!!!!!!!!!
Feb. 20th, 2008 05:15 am (UTC)
Hardcover AND Jodi Lee cover - yay!!
Feb. 20th, 2008 07:00 am (UTC)
The cover is just so very, very beautiful. Mostly, it's beside the computer so I can look at the cover.
Feb. 20th, 2008 12:47 pm (UTC)
any chance of you getting permission of posting another scan? Like you did with the ... I think it was the second.. Cast-in cover? *envy*
Feb. 20th, 2008 06:38 pm (UTC)
I don't generally ask permission to post covers, which may be very wrong of me -- I consider them the ultimate marketing tool, and a marketing tool isn't very useful if it's publicly invisible.

I do ask permission to post the -art- without the design elements and type, though -- because the art is owned by the artist; it's an element of what will be said marketing tool, but only an element.

That, and I have to send my husband to work with the various things because I don't own a scanner.
Feb. 20th, 2008 08:08 pm (UTC)
Oh! Fair enough, I'll just salivate over the Amazon preview then XD
Feb. 20th, 2008 05:29 am (UTC)
I think this should work...

I hope your publisher forgives the slight copyright infringement. I nabbed the pic right off the Amazon website, so it's not as if it wasn't already very public.
Feb. 20th, 2008 05:30 am (UTC)
Or maybe I can do it the right way this time...?

Edited at 2008-02-20 05:31 am (UTC)
Feb. 20th, 2008 07:03 am (UTC)
Thank you :)

The background flowers, and most of the cover, are a matte finish. Jewel (and the dagger), as well as both the title and my name, are glossy. Title and name are embossed, but you don't really notice them -- it's the painting and the contrast of the 2 finishes that really hold the eye.

(Deleted comment)
Feb. 20th, 2008 06:34 am (UTC)
Congratulations! I'll be getting the author's copies of my first ever novel today. I can hardly wait for them to arrive.
Feb. 20th, 2008 06:59 am (UTC)
There is nothing in this business -- not even a first hardcover -- that is as exciting as the very first book.

Congratulations =D
Feb. 20th, 2008 07:17 am (UTC)
Feb. 20th, 2008 07:23 am (UTC)
Many congrats. The cover is marvelous.
Feb. 20th, 2008 10:16 am (UTC)
Congratulations. At last.
Feb. 20th, 2008 12:51 pm (UTC)
Ooo. Ahhh. I wants it. I needs it. I must get to the store.
Feb. 20th, 2008 06:40 pm (UTC)
Ooo. Ahhh. I wants it. I needs it. I must get to the store.

Not yet -- it's not there yet. It's a March title, and the copies I have are author copies, which seem to be shipping from the warehouse at the same time as the review/promotional copies. But soon :)
Feb. 20th, 2008 01:05 pm (UTC)
Congratu;ations on the stubbed toes!
Feb. 20th, 2008 01:09 pm (UTC)
It really is a lovely cover :) It might replace the Shining City's cover as my second favorite; I still love Broken Crown's the most. <3
Feb. 20th, 2008 02:19 pm (UTC)
YAY! Congratulations!
Feb. 20th, 2008 03:11 pm (UTC)
Feb. 20th, 2008 03:12 pm (UTC)
Congratulations! Yaay!
Feb. 20th, 2008 04:24 pm (UTC)
NOthing like a brand new bouncing baby book to lighten the heart and scare the wits out of you.
Feb. 20th, 2008 06:36 pm (UTC)
NOthing like a brand new bouncing baby book to lighten the heart and scare the wits out of you.

Yes to both -- this is also my first hardcover, so it is bright, shiny and utterly terrifying.
Feb. 21st, 2008 12:03 am (UTC)
Just so you know, I got an email today from Amazon letting me know that since I've previously ordered books by Michelle West, I might be interested in pre-ordering Hidden City, the first book in "The House War."

Uh, yes I am. Very much so. I've been looking forward to this book for at least a year now. Hopefully I'll have enough money to pre-order it on the next paycheck.

Also, I went out and bought my third copy of The Broken Crown just last week. I keep loaning them out and never getting them back, which is why copies of Hunter's Oath and Hunter's Death aren't allowed out of my sight.

Cheers to one of my favorite writers. I eagerly await this next book.
Feb. 21st, 2008 06:42 am (UTC)
::still holding breath in anticipation of final publication::
I must agree with whoever said Broken Crown's cover is their favorite.
It drives me mad that I can't possibly hope to imitate that dress in pixel doll form. I'm not an artist; even if I were, I wouldn't copy another artist's work. But fanart, on a pixel doll- ^^
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