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I have news that is fit to be posted!

Well, two bits of news, really. The first: Jody Lee posted the painting of The Hidden City, the title of the first House War novel, on her official site, in the gallery. I have no idea what the painting will look like with text imposed over it -- but I adore the painting itself.

The second is Luna news. Some of you have written to ask me when Cast in Courtlight will be published in mass market, and I haven't been able to give an answer because I haven't had one until very recently. The answer is:

CAST IN SHADOW (reissue) by Michelle Sagara (978-0-373-80281-4) June 2008 (mmpb, $6.99/$8.50)

CAST IN COURTLIGHT (FTP) by Michelle Sagara (978-0-373-80282-1) July 2008 (mmpb, $6.99/$8.50)

But there's more:

CAST IN SECRET (FTP) by Michelle Sagara (978-0-373-80283-8) August (mmpb, $6.99/$8.50)

CAST IN FURY by Michelle Sagara in August (978-0-373-80269-2) has been moved to October (Trade, $14.95/$18.95)

So FURY has been bumped 2 months, because of the monthly mass market lead-ins. I'm pretty happy with this


Aug. 22nd, 2007 10:18 am (UTC)
That was my response as well -- it's different, for Jody, but I love it. There's something about it than reminds me a little of Leo & Diane Dillon's work, although I'm not sure why.