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Samurai 7

I'm watching Samurai 7, 2 episodes at a time, with my two children. I can now do this because the youngest can read the subtitles (he's the only one who complains) now; before, he couldn't, and my older son didn't like the dubs (and I have to admit I loathe them), so I have a bunch of stuff that is this household's variant of child friendly that we can watch together.

I'm also considering Full Metal Alchemist when it comes out in a complete set. I have a minor forgetfulness problem that means I usually fail to buy a single DVD volume in a series of 26 or 52 -- usually, but not confined to, Vol. 4. I don't know what it is about Vol. 4.

This household's variant of child friendly included all of Kenshin, although we watched the TV series first, and my oldest son would not watch the OAVs the last time we tried them -- it was fine to know that he had to atone for his past as an assassin, but it wasn't as fine to actually see it. I used to watch them with my oldest before (I knew) he could read. We discovered he could read when I was reading the subtitles to him and he said "but that's not what he said, Mom." I pointed out that while this was technically true, what he did say was not actually considered acceptable language, and I therefore said he could read it to himself (it was a Sanosuke line from the Shinsengumi fansubs, which made what I consider to be the smartest translation choice for the series -- they translated Kenshin's speech as normal English, and turned Sano's into a more colloquial heavy set of colourful phrases. Since Sano couldn't even bear to actually pronounce Ose -- short for Ohayo gosaimasu (I think I'm spelling that wrong, but am being very lazy atm -- because the long vowel O is obviously effeminate, the swearing works better for the cultural NA market, imho).

I read -- and adored In the Night Garden -- but will probably review that for F&SF.


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Nov. 2nd, 2006 03:28 am (UTC)
Sanosuke's speech patterns should be colorful anyway, given his character. It translates better and makes it more understandable(?) to a Western audience. I'm not sure if understandable is the adjective I'm looking for. It's the difference between doing a direct translation of "bar host" or choosing instead to go for "pretty boy."
Nov. 2nd, 2006 03:58 am (UTC)
Samurai 7 in its entirety is actually fairly mellow, all things considered. I watched it with my toddler ^_^;; well, skipping a part here and there. The characters are absolutely wonderful, aren't they?

Kenshin ont he other hand, I think I'll wait a while to show him-- he reacts more to the characters emotions, and Kenshin's voice actress is so wonderful in conveying them.

Have you had a chance to see "The Boy Who Saw The Wind"? its anime, but just a movie. Beautiful storytelling, gorgeous movie. A bit tragic overall, but beautifully done.
Nov. 2nd, 2006 04:35 pm (UTC)
Kenshin ont he other hand, I think I'll wait a while to show him-- he reacts more to the characters emotions, and Kenshin's voice actress is so wonderful in conveying them.

My mother thought it was too violent when she watched it -- but I pointed out that the violence made sense. I liked it as a springboard for discussion, because it wasn't strictly black-and-white; there are the good guys, there are the bad guys, and then there's that large strip in the middle -- the people who are trying to find their way out of confusion, chaos and sometimes, madness.

He was, I think, 4 when we started watching them, maybe 6 when we finally finished them (they weren't on DVD when we started, and at the time, there was no bit-torrent, so it was more hit-or-miss).

But the voice element is interesting -- my youngest son was terrified by Monsters, inc and Finding Nemo when they were both age appropriate because the children in both movies actually sound terrified toward the end. He would not let me near a display of anything with any of the Monsters, Inc characters until just this past year, when he did finally sit down and watch it while it was being played on television. He could happily watch Ice Age which came out around the same time as Monsters, because the child at no time sounded terrified. He doesn't seem to mind anger or embarrassment, or the extremes that come with manga-based anime -- but fear still, well, frightens him. Oh, but only in children. If there are no children, he's good to go. If there are children and they aren't terrified (Komachi in S7 is never afraid afaik), he's fine.

I'll look for Boy, thanks!
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