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Really cranky this morning

Really really cranky. I live in Canada. It's not my election, and it's not my country, but media-wise, you wouldn't know it at the moment.

Anyway: Because I'm cranky, I'm once again advocating the fact that lj-cuts are your friend. Or they're my friend. Honestly, I wouldn't have flisted people if I weren't interested in at least half of what they have to say -- but I'm trimming people who insist I see 100% of what they have to say 100% of the time, because. Well. Look at the subject.


Nov. 3rd, 2004 04:39 pm (UTC)
Thank you both for your replies. My question was more retorical, but you both gave better answers than I could have done on the spot.

A very large part of me really wishes I was living in another country right now. I am not proud of being from the US, or being an "American."

It alwasy bothered me that The US doesn't have a better tag than that, since there are two entire continents of Americans, and by taking the title we just sort of disclude them.

I remember being in Mexico and some one asked where we were from. My friend said she was an american. The guy living in Mexico, said "so am I."