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Really cranky this morning

Really really cranky. I live in Canada. It's not my election, and it's not my country, but media-wise, you wouldn't know it at the moment.

Anyway: Because I'm cranky, I'm once again advocating the fact that lj-cuts are your friend. Or they're my friend. Honestly, I wouldn't have flisted people if I weren't interested in at least half of what they have to say -- but I'm trimming people who insist I see 100% of what they have to say 100% of the time, because. Well. Look at the subject.


Nov. 3rd, 2004 03:12 pm (UTC)
I eliminated someone this morning after seven horrifically long posts and no lj-cuts. People are, of course, free to post what they want in the manner they want. But I've realized I'm also free to choose not to read them anymore.

That's pretty much where I am. It's the curmudgeon in me. It also, oddly enough, has very, very little to do with content. It's not that I find the LJs in question boring, or infuriating, or whatever -- it's the consistent lack of cut-tags.

I read pretty much every post that yhlee writes, for instance, but I would have cut her LJ almost at day two if she didn't use cut tags. Which she does. And better than I do.

The logical person would, at this point, then ask -- if you're reading everything she writes anyway, why the hell do you care?

Because I'm bent. Next?