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Yet another question...

Is there any way to view the comment threads in a non-threaded, linear fashion? As in, read them in the order, by time & date, in which they were posted? I've read as much of the FAQ as seems relevant, and I can't see a single thing that would allow this -- but I'm hopeful that I'm just a) blind or b) looking in the wrong place.

And another question: I've been looking at some user info pages -- and I'm overwhelmed at the number of people that people 'friend'. Is it just that most people don't post much in their LJs? Because if I had in excess of 100 (and some people have close to 300) friends who -did-, I'd never get anything done. Not even sleep :/.

I'm trying to read the journals of people who have friended -me-, when I can, and am wondering about the etiquette of 'friending' in the LJ community. It is considered rude not to friend people who friend you? (and friend as a verb... <deep sigh>.) Is it considered rude to just friend someone? Any opinions -- even sarcastic, silly ones -- are welcome.


Jun. 28th, 2004 02:22 pm (UTC)
Re: LJ 'friends' lists...
We're leaving tomorrow morning; today's been a bit of a panic. :-) Yes, going to OVFF! I assume I'll see you there?

To Michelle: Looking forward to seeing you and Tom at Confluence, yay! I was going to teach Allison & Jodi the "Michelle in Robarts Library" song to perform as a surprise, but sadly, there wasn't enough time. :-( Ah well...
Jun. 28th, 2004 03:55 pm (UTC)
Re: LJ 'friends' lists...
This is a new definition of the word "sadly" with which I am currently unfamiliar...

(jjc says you will be misremembered as a one-hit-wonder for the "Commandy Andy" song. Jamie makes baby noises, and Kristen laughs. A lot.)

Do you actually remember what the rules about embarrassing me in public are?