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Yet another question...

Is there any way to view the comment threads in a non-threaded, linear fashion? As in, read them in the order, by time & date, in which they were posted? I've read as much of the FAQ as seems relevant, and I can't see a single thing that would allow this -- but I'm hopeful that I'm just a) blind or b) looking in the wrong place.

And another question: I've been looking at some user info pages -- and I'm overwhelmed at the number of people that people 'friend'. Is it just that most people don't post much in their LJs? Because if I had in excess of 100 (and some people have close to 300) friends who -did-, I'd never get anything done. Not even sleep :/.

I'm trying to read the journals of people who have friended -me-, when I can, and am wondering about the etiquette of 'friending' in the LJ community. It is considered rude not to friend people who friend you? (and friend as a verb... <deep sigh>.) Is it considered rude to just friend someone? Any opinions -- even sarcastic, silly ones -- are welcome.


Jun. 28th, 2004 09:48 am (UTC)
I've run into few folk who seem to mind being "friended" in and of itself, -- but I do get the impression that folks like to know a bit about those who've friended them -- it's not unusual to see "if you've friended me, introduce yourself" journal posts by some of the more popular LJ-folk.

I'll probably add something in the about me user info page to the effect that -- as many of you have posted -- I really don't mind if people friend the LJ. I don't expect everyone to read what I write here, but have been a bit surprised by the number of real world friends who expect that I've someone been notified about changes in their lives because someone posted about it in their blog/LJ. One: I have no idea who most of the people on LJ actually -are-. I can pick up some from web-sites, etc., but there are some who really want no identification at all. Which, given that they're writing about their life seems odd, but I'm old.

As for keeping up.. well, if you take a look at Renya's LJ, wrendragon, you'll note that she has a friends list almost as long as one of your short stories ;D She spends well over an hour a day just reading her friends' ljs when she can.

And now, let's watch bobafet commit suicide in public. A delayed form of suicide, one which doesn't actually cause him to drop dead until, oh, Saturday :P.

haikujaguar I think I answered an old question of yours (as in months, because I didn't look at the date, being me, until after I'd answered) in one of the agent communities. I was looking at it because I wanted to see if the communities were organized in a different way than the regular LJs (threading/non-threading), and it doesn't appear that they are.

papersky Actually, I know who you are <g>. I checked in on your journal from time to time (or did) from the web interface before I made the LJ account; I think I got directed there from Making Light (the Away Team links). Thanks for the suspected info about the threading -- and yes, the current threaded posts make me crazy because I do have to reread everything to find the new comment or three in a long comment-thread that I'm otherwise interested in. It's the one thing I like about Making Light (which I think is movable type?); you can add to the discussion, but you have to do it sequentially.

Janni's right, though; friend is a loaded word. I'm attempting -- as is sartorias -- to think of it as a reading list. But it's really easy for things to become a very long reading list, depending on how much or how often the LJ user posts. Hmmm.

kyranjaye Thank you. I'll go and read your LJ after I've fed the kids -- who are complaining over my shoulder about now (which means ten minutes ago) because I haven't finished here yet <wry g>.