November 15th, 2010


Brief hiatus in the upcoming week

You may have noticed that I've been absent the past few days. I haven't forgotten, but the store at which I've worked part-time since the birth of my oldest son (and at which I worked full-time from the late 80's before that), is in the long, slow process of moving, in part because it is being partially constructed around our ears as we do. So, I've been unpacking and shelving and washing down shelves and hyperventilating. Then I come home to the writing, or as much of it as I can get done with so little brain left over.

There is a book launch/signing in that store on the 20th of November, and a convention (SFContario) taking place downtown on Friday the 19th, at which the store will have tables... so I expect I will not be posting much until those are over.

I haven't, however, forgotten the rest of grade one & grade two because those were the foundation years for the rest of my son's school life.