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I live in Greektown, or what is colliquially called Greektown, in Toronto.

It is a habit of mine to go and get a cup of coffee when the kids have gone to bed; the local Timothy's (I'm a coffee wimp and can't actually drink 'better' coffee; it curdles my tongue) closes at 11:00, so it's a quiet walk to the Danforth and a quiet walk back to my house. I like the peace. And the quiet.

Which there wasn't much of, tonight.

Apparently -- and I admit that I care so little about sports that I fail to register which sporting season it is most times -- the Greeks won the soccer game. How do I intuit this? Well, by the hundreds or thousands of people with flags, flashing lights, glowing bracelets, and bloody loud cars that are stopping traffic -- both vehicular and foot -- for the entire length of five blocks. I know this because I foolishly decided that I would also try to go to the bank, which occasioned walking down one side of three of them. There are toddlers in the street with teeny greek flags, and I would think this much cuter as a family occasion if they weren't almost being trampled or hit with the cigarettes that half the people are smoking at their face level.

I am now at home. My door is closed. My screen door is closed. The Danforth is a few blocks away. I can hear car horns. I imagine that I will hear them for the rest of the working evening.

I'm beginning to understand why andpuff is living in the middle of nowhere.

The last time this happened, it was for baseball. We could hear yelling, shouting and car horns until 5:00 in the morning.

I think I'm making a few steps towards the title of curmudgeon that I so covet...

A GEnie related question for those of you who were on GEnie. I recognize a few names, browsing the lists of friends of friends, (djonn, sfmarty, janni, lnhammer) because they're essentially the same, and while I'm creeping up on age, I have fond memories of those, so I hold on to them *g*. But I'm wondering if there are one or two other people that anyone might know the whereabouts of? In particular Teresa Edgerton, who I haven't 'seen' anywhere in a long time :/. Or, in fact, any of the other GEnie people who frequented Alis Rasmussen's topic, or Teresa's topic. Not very many people seem to use their -names-.


Jun. 25th, 2004 09:46 pm (UTC)
(Oh, of course you know — you've friended her. Ne-ver-mind.)