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Pointing to Scalzifeed

John Scalzi is at it again. His tongue-and-cheek categorization of "real world" deals, a poke at Publishers Lunch (which impressed me in large part because I confess I've read exactly 2 paragraphs of Publishers Lunch; it's eye-glazingly boring, and transmits not a lot of useful information. Well, to be fair, not a lot in the paragraphs that I managed to take in the single time I tried) seems to have caused a bit of annoyance.


Scalzi says some of what I've said here, but in more concentrated form, and with his usual dollop of wit & observation.


Sep. 14th, 2004 10:25 am (UTC)
Addenda (because I'm so allergy-laden, my brain is numb and I'm rubbing my eyes too much to see the screen):

Whenever anyone in the business tells me something is indispensible, my first impulse is to go and try it. Whatever it is. This leads to some amusing things and some very very stupid things, but it's just a compulsion <g>.

I agree that Lunch is probably not of great use to aspiring writers, or even new ones. It's obviously of use as satirical fodder for those who've been kicking around -- or kicked around, depending on who you ask -- the business.
Sep. 14th, 2004 10:40 am (UTC)
I actually see Pub Lunch more as a tool for publishers - a way of creating early buzz for a new title with the trade. (Publicists and agencies are much more likely to send in the announcements than actual editors.) So in that sense I could see you reading it more as a bookseller and less as a writer.

As a mktg person, I mostly read it out of curiosity to see what other presses are going to be giving major pushes in the future. And when it comes to creating buzz, exact dollar amounts matter less than the general category.