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Jul. 29th, 2011 (UTC)

I don't see what the big deal if an author mentions his/her book while on a con panel, particularly a new author. If the author is trying to make a point, he/she is going to use his/her experience to support the point. I think the inclination is to use material that you are familiar witht to do that.

I have read many author interviews when asked "What are you reading right now?" The author sometimes says that he/shenot read anything in the genre because he/she too busy with my mansucript and I don't want to be influence by something I read, but may have read something out of the genre while doing research.

Authors are most familiar with their work and it is understandable that they would use examples from their own works to make their points while on the panels.

Authors, like people, willl talk about things they are most familiar to them or what interests them. If they are writing books that interet them, then they will talk about them.

Of course, this has to be done in moderation.

I know, as a reader, when I attend conventions and sit on panels, I am interested hearing about authors talk about their books, otherwise, I would not have gone to the panel.

If I went to a panel where Michelle West or Michelle Sagara was a panelist, I would prefer that she talks about her books that is why I would listen to that panel. I don't think I would be as interested if she was talking about some author's work, unless she said if you like my books, then read this author's book.

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