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Was at Confluence too--on four panels--none of us mentioned our own book except when introducing ourselves. Then we went on to the topic.

I was on a panel at Ad Astra one year, and Robert Charles Wilson was also a panelist. During the introductions he mumbled a very short “I write SF novels” because he’s quintessentially Canadian and doesn’t like to blow his own horn.

But that was ridiculous, so I grabbed the mic (since I was up next) and redid his introduction by pointing out, among other things, that he was up for the Hugo. (He was, that year). Well, and a bit more because I really admire his writing immensely and believe it is worth more than a shy mumble.

So yes, of course, during introductions is the right place to mention your books - but even there, if there are 5 of you and you’re taking 5 minutes to extoll the virtues of your single book which you have for sale in the dealer’s room after the panel - it’s probably too much.

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