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Jul. 26th, 2011 (UTC)

Here via sartorias. What I particularly like about what you say is your focus on the people in the audience, and about the panel as performance. Certainly as an audience member, what I've liked about panels I've liked has been a lively interplay between panelists on the topic at hand. Straying from the topic is even okay, so long as the panel has interesting things to say and more than one person gets to talk. I have to say, even if the name-draw panelist is a really big name, I don't like it when they monopolize the conversation--even when they're entertaining. For a solo performance, I'd go to a reading or a solo talk.

I don't mind an author taking examples from their book, so long as that's not the **only** book they reference. As a rather poorly read person, I've even found it helpful: I don't have to go look up what so-and-so has written--they've just told me. But I do see the merit in your suggestion. Probably not mentioning your book at all is better than drenching the conversation in mentions of it.

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